National ERA Leaders Circle Award Winner2017 Company Top Producer620 Evans Avenue$785,000Parcels 2&3Daer Creek Rd$1,650,000This2 Elk Ridge Court$1,500,0001939 and is convenienty locatedn the University District. Originalmle of river frontage, this trulytached batand amassve greatnto two separabe parcelsA buyer coud purchase theperfect for enbertaining From heaive deck or patic enjay theportion to another party usinga property line adjustmentl bathroom, and even a second7980 Hodown Lane15945 Mullan Road$735,000This exaordeary Freechhown homd3 Starview Court$590,000-Perched near the top of Lnoon Hlsn Upper Ratlesnake, this large 5bedroom, 3 bathroom home enjoysxpive vusof Lolo Peok andthe wesem horizon The gourmet$515,000The large kitchen & open dningarea make this home perlect forentertaining quests, and he 3 decksane ideal for molaxing&taking nhigh-and gas ane with pet Mer, and4885 Spurgin Road$499,000cellar and heated shop3336 Deer Creek Rd$485,000bath home is shated on 36731900 Curly Hom LaneS374,900TSs 3 bedrcom, 2 bath home hars beenClsto the Cak Fork River andmcue3 bed, 4 bah log homeThe incredible property oftersand mature landcaping along wa large pantry, and plenty ofcabinet & counter provides plenty of extra soacend is a lovely retneat Sor vistors3939 Paxson Street -2825 Fort Missoula Rd,211 Red Fox Road$330,000This mid-century,modem 5 bed,2.5 athBd T,Sue ILolo, MT$235,000R $260,000bul shade trees The an level of theMedical Center Campus Spacehuge font windows. The galey kiltchenSecure storage area is available inower level F foor of bulding souidoor sound nystem ind sa much mom92491 US Hwy 9101 E Front, 5th Floor25qly plas NNN1805 Bancroft, Suite 5$ i 50.000This commercial bulding s$500/monthLower office sube and meetingroom. The ofice is approximabely320 square feet, and the meetingargestsingle Class A office spacecurrernitly avalablie downtownwith 14,744 rentable sqft and544 square feet. There s aso arestroom with a shower on thsevel Access is via the inercrstaircase. The space has frespriniders, and parking is indudeds LEED certified with indoorbike storage and privateand fandastic highway visbl2291 W Broadwav, Suite 51805 Bancroft, Suite 3S15lsqstlyr plus NNN$15/sqftlyrJulie Gardnermedical space is cuenty frished for aPhysical Therapy practice and Inclshas 5 977 entable soft& 574Realtor, JD, MPA(406) 532-9233gym, bundy,break ans and oflcescan be convered for otther uses Thisoffices, a large conderence areaprivate restrooms, a shower & a breakoom Ample parking is indludedacive protess gardner@ERALambros.comjgardner@ERALambros.comsing oflers an professionaloflice building and ample on-sparking 2017 NN were $4 37

Date: May 25, 2018

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National ERA Leaders Circle Award Winner 2017 Company Top Producer 620 Evans Avenue $785,000 Parcels 2&3Daer Creek Rd $1,650,000 This 2 Elk Ridge Court $1,500,000 1939 and is convenienty located n the University District. Original mle of river frontage, this truly tached bat and amassve great nto two separabe parcels A buyer coud purchase the perfect for enbertaining From he aive deck or patic enjay the portion to another party using a property line adjustment l bathroom, and even a second 7980 Hodown Lane 15945 Mullan Road $735,000 This exaordeary Freechhown homd 3 Starview Court $590,000- Perched near the top of Lnoon Hls n Upper Ratlesnake, this large 5 bedroom, 3 bathroom home enjoys xpive vusof Lolo Peok and the wesem horizon The gourmet $515,000 The large kitchen & open dning area make this home perlect for entertaining quests, and he 3 decks ane ideal for molaxing&taking n high-and gas ane with pet Mer, and 4885 Spurgin Road $499,000 cellar and heated shop 3336 Deer Creek Rd $485,000 bath home is shated on 367 31900 Curly Hom Lane S374,900 TSs 3 bedrcom, 2 bath home hars been Clsto the Cak Fork River and mcue3 bed, 4 bah log home The incredible property ofters and mature landcaping along w a large pantry, and plenty of cabinet & counter space. house provides plenty of extra soace nd is a lovely retneat Sor vistors 3939 Paxson Street - 2825 Fort Missoula Rd, 211 Red Fox Road $330,000 This mid-century,modem 5 bed,2.5 ath Bd T,Sue I Lolo, MT $235,000 R $260,000 bul shade trees The an level of the Medical Center Campus Space huge font windows. The galey kiltchen Secure storage area is available in ower level F foor of bulding s ouidoor sound nystem ind sa much mom 92491 US Hwy 9 101 E Front, 5th Floor 25qly plas NNN 1805 Bancroft, Suite 5 $ i 50.000 This commercial bulding s $500/month Lower office sube and meeting room. The ofice is approximabely 320 square feet, and the meeting argest single Class A office space currernitly avalablie downtown with 14,744 rentable sqft and 544 square feet. There s aso a restroom with a shower on ths evel Access is via the inercr staircase. The space has fre spriniders, and parking is induded s LEED certified with indoor bike storage and private and fandastic highway visbl 2291 W Broadwav, Suite 5 1805 Bancroft, Suite 3 S15lsqstlyr plus NNN $15/sqftlyr Julie Gardner medical space is cuenty frished for a Physical Therapy practice and Incls has 5 977 entable soft& 574 Realtor, JD, MPA (406) 532-9233 gym, bundy,break ans and oflces can be convered for otther uses This offices, a large conderence area private restrooms, a shower & a break oom Ample parking is indluded acive protess sing oflers an professional oflice building and ample on-s parking 2017 NN were $4 37 sqt